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‘We Are Here’: Branford Residents Rally in Support of Ukraine on Library Steps

BRANFORD — The steps of the James Blackstone Memorial Library were filled top to bottom and end to end Tuesday night as some 100 Branford residents gathered in support of the people of Ukraine on the 13th day of the war with Russia.

Signs, banners and flags were displayed in the blue and yellow colors of Ukraine, the colors worn by many participants at the event held at 6 p.m., March 8, organizers said.

The event was spearheaded by Wanda Bubriski, along with Tracy Everson, Susan Dahill and Sally Bahner. Bubriski created a large Ukrainian flag, which was unfurled on the library steps. Everson passed out small crepe paper Ukrainian flags to pin on lapels, according to organizers.

Branford poet Judith Liebmann spoke and described her Ukrainian background going back to her grandparents, who settled in Harlem. They had fled violent persecution in Kyiv and Odessa, according to Liebmann.

Liebmann told the group, “At that moment their own world turned its back on them, but America did not,” according to a news release. In her remarks, she pointed to Hilter’s invasion of European countries 40 years later, “but for too long the world watched in silence,” the release said.

Liebmann referred to the adage, “history is bound to repeat itself,” However, she added, ‘I would like to argue that your presence here proves that is not always the case.”

Liebmann referred to a poet and teacher of the Vilna Ghetto uprising, Hirsch Glick, who spoke out against Hitler’s invasion. Glick’s anthem became a rallying cry of the Resistance, cited by Liebman Tuesday evening: “…Our footsteps ring out: We are here!” the release stated.

The phrase, which is sung a memorial celebrations for the Holocaust, has been adopted by Ukrainian…

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