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Business Founder Discusses the Growth of the .xyz Domain

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NY – Michael Santiago and New York, both founders of, discussed the recent growth of .xzy domains.

Alphabet, formerly Google, chose the .xyz extension for its rebranding roll out.

.xyz domains are one of the most popular new gTLDs, and they are popular with the Web3 and crypto industries.

In light of the evolving internet, new patterns and ways of using the internet are emerging, including an increased acceptance of .xyz and other gTLDs.

.xyz domains do away with the worry of branding or audience issues.

Web3 and the metaverse will continue to dominate the digital landscape as .xyz domain names grow in popularity.

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In its rebranding rollout plan, Alphabet, formerly known as Google, made, at that time, a radical decision in changing their domain name. With the relevant .com’s, and already taken they decided to use This put .xyz domains on the map and further legitimized the extension as an alternative to a .com.

.xyz’s are now one of the most popular new gTLD’s to start the year with more than 4 million domains registered, accounting for 16% of gTLDs market share, according to Statista. A big contributing factor in the 4 million domains registered is the movement of Web3 and the crypto industry. 

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