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Married Art First Sight Zack Caught CHEATING on Bao; Side Chick Spills TEA!!! (Receipts)


Dec 2, 2021


Dec 2, 2021


Lyndon Abioye

Stars of the top Lifetime TV series, Married at First Sight, Zack Freeman started secretly dating Bao Huong Hoang, and made headlines – after MTO News broke news of their relationship before the end of season 13 of MAFS. 

Zack broke up with his Black wife, Michaela, on the show and is allegedly “through” with Black women, as MTO News originally reported. Prior to the break up though he started secretly dating Bao Huong Hoang.

The show has finally let the cat out of the bag on the Where Are They Now? episode. And Lifetime had planned on doing a follow ups on the new couple.

Well that show just got a WHOOOLE lot more interesting. 

MTO News has learned that a woman has forward claiming that she was with Zack while he was with Bao. And the side chick is spilling all kinds of tea, and showing receipts.

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The side chick, who is a Latina wrote this:

I had no idea he was dating anyone.

He told me he hadn’t dated since his marriage ended, and he knew I didn’t watch the show. I ended up finding out about Bao the other day, and asked him if he was dating someone and he told me he wasn’t.

I messaged Bao via Instagram, and told her everything, and sent her screenshots and proof of everything she asked for. He played the both of us. He is a master manipulator, and tries to play the victim in every situation.

He is not a good guy, he just puts on a good act.

She also provided text messages, which she claims came from Zack:

Then the side chick messaged Bao on IG, to snitch on Zack some more. After Doing the Asian reality star, the side chick convinced Bao to jump on a FaceTime, sh=o she could tell her everything.

Here are screenshots that the alleged sidekick claims proves her story:


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