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An Expert Lash Artist Explains How to Care for Eyelash Extensions to Make Them Last Longer brings commentary to the following article, Expert Lash Artist and Esthetician Shares Aftercare Tips for Longer Lasting Eyelash Extensions.

It takes weeks for eyelash extensions to fade if properly maintained. New Jersey eyelash extension providers provide aftercare tips to maintain your eyelash extensions.

It is important to avoid saltwater and oily makeup if you wish to preserve your eyelash extensions.

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New York – There’s a secret to perfect eyelash extensions that last. Expert lash artist and a popular provider of best place for eyelash extensions in nj shares aftercare tips to ensure your eyelash extensions last longer and stay healthier. 

“Keep your eyelash extensions away from certain elements such as saltwater and oily makeup. There are proper care techniques when you swim at the beach or in the pool. You should also avoid oil-based makeup around the eyes to protect your lash extensions,” said Santiago.

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