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12 Amazon Prime Video Documentaries for Entrepreneurs

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The world begins to reopen its activities after weeks of confinement to stop the COVID-19 outbreak, but there are localities that continue to be the focus of infection and will continue to be quarantined for a few more weeks (for example, Mexico City).

Amazon Prime Video

Take advantage of these days that we still have to keep “Healthy Distance” and see these series that Amazon Prime brings and that are perfect to inspire you in these moments that you need to use all the creativity and innovation possible to open a new chapter in the world.

1. Super-Size Me (2004)

The famous Sundance winning movie that talks about director Morgan Spurlock’s social experiment to demonstrate how fast food, specifically McDonald’s, was unhealthy.

Why watch it: The healthy product consumption trend is here to stay and will be more prevalent after the pandemic. This documentary can help you understand the importance of having healthy and sustainable options to meet this demand.

2. Make Us Dream (2018)

This is the story of Steven Gerrard’s stint at Liverpool FC when the team was a long way from finding the success it needed. Leading his team to success became his great dream… and also his heavy responsibility.

Why watch it: If you are a leader of a team or want to be one, this documentary talks about how important it is to remember that being the boss does not only mean having rights, but also making many decisions that may not be popular and that in reality it is a load that may be heavy.

3. Chiara Ferragni Unposted (2019)

The first fashion influencer in the world tells us how the digital revolution has transformed her industry, business and culture in general.

Why watch it: This documentary is framed by Chiara Ferragni’s story as an entrepreneur and gives great behind-the-scenes glimpses of digital business and living as a businesswoman.

4. Beyond The Block: A Lego Blockchain (2015)

This documentary tells the story of the iconic LEGO bricks and how they went from being children’s toys to collectibles for young and old.

Why watch it: It shows a great story of success and innovation in a product that, from its conception, was designed to be much more than what it appeared. A great program if you want to innovate in your business and need a “push” to know where to start looking.

5. The Mexico Earthquake – Pain and Hope (2017)

This documentary shows in a crude way how the first days after the earthquake of September 19, 2017 in Mexico City were lived.

Why see it: Because it remembers that in the midst of the crisis, unity is strength (a message that does not hurt to remember these days of pandemic) and that in the midst of tragedy, strength can be found to move forward.

6. The Beatles – In the Life (2019)

How did a Liverpool quartet become the greatest band of all time? This documentary tells us about it.

Why watch it: It doesn’t matter if you’re not a fan of The Beatles, this documentary is a must to understand the construction of a brand that achieved 183 million sales and forged a net worth of 600 million dollars.

7. Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies and Cyber Attacks (2016)

Ashley Madison calls herself the “original extramarital affair site,” but in July 2015 it was hacked, exposing the identities of thousands of its users around the world.

Why see it: Now more than ever we are betting on digital businesses, so it is worth remembering why we must take care of the cybersecurity of our users. Additionally, this documentary tells how Ashley Madison’s empire was created (and eventually nearly destroyed).

8. Oh, Dior! (2017)

Image: Prime Video

This beautiful documentary tells the story of French designer Christian Dior and the prestigious fashion house that bears his name.

Why see it: This is a beautiful work that shows us the man behind one of the most recognized brands in the world and its 70 years of history. It is always essential to know the stories of other entrepreneurs.

9. The Man Who Saved the World (2014)

During the peak of the Cold War, the world was on the brink of a nuclear attack between the United States and Russia during what is known as the Autumn Equinox Incident in 1983. In fact, the apocalypse was averted by action. of one man: Stanislav Petrov.

Why watch it: Take a look at the life of the man who may well have saved humanity from a full-scale nuclear war by following his instincts and having the courage to follow them.

10. Gameplay: The Story of the Videogame Revolution (2014)

The video game industry has ceased to be something only for what some call “rat children” and hobbyists to a multi-billion dollar annual industry. This documentary tells the story of the birth and development of Gaming .

Why watch it: This documentary shows how the video game industry was born by telling the story of its most iconic titles like Pong, PacMan, Super Mario Bros., Tomb Raider, Doom and more.

11. Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys (2012)

This documentary tells how the first line of Star Wars figures was created and how they transformed the children’s toy industry around the world.

Why watch it: The story of how Kenner seized the production rights to a sci-fi “little movie” merchandise is a must for any entrepreneur looking to learn how to take advantage of opportunities others miss.

12. Ganz: How I Lost My Beetle (2019)

The “vocho” is one of the most iconic cars in the world, but its beginnings are quite dark since it was designed in the heart of the Third Reich … by a Jewish engineer who was erased from history.

Why watch it: Josef Ganz’s story is incredible as it tells how the same system that helped him create his dream of creating the world’s most popular car eventually ended up destroying it.

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